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I am a Midwestern born-and-raised producer, writer, journalist, and storyteller, with experience at national, local, and state-wide programs. 

My aptitude with a variety of mediums - audio, print, and video - as well as skills in every aspect producing and journalism allow me to bring people and organizations together to better thrive in collaboration and improve our ability to tell meaningful stories. 

My experience isn't just in producing the work, but also in promotion as well as building and protecting brands. I'd love to work with you on your current project.  


As a creative and journalist who specializes in arts, culture, business, entertainment, and tech, I particularly enjoy finding the hidden feature stories in everyday life. I am passionate about community, collaboration, and making a difference for St. Louis, the media industry, and the wider world. 



She is the epitome of a student who sets high standards for herself and others, and engages in self-directed learning because she understands the value of continually expanding and improving her skills.
-Dr. Amber Hinsley, Saint Louis University Communication


"She is a dedicated, hard

worker who is eager to learn and will do her best with any assignment she is given."

- Ed Reggi, Former Digital Strategist at the Nine Netwtork of Public Media

"Under her guidance, the student-run television station (SLU-TV) has begun producing more professional news reports and programs that bring a greater variety of news and information to the student body."

- Dr. Amber Hinsley, Saint Louis University Communication Professor

"Despite the multiple demands of her classes, academia and extracurricular activities, she somehow manages to balance the entire energetic media mix with grace, good humor, admirable wit and 


- Dr. Avis Meyer, Saint Louis University Communication Professor


*Full Refrences Avalible Upon Request


 Let's work together 

I'd love to work with you on your current project! Shoot me an email below and we can talk about how I can help. I'm looking forward to working with you! 


LinkedIn: Amanda Honigfort​

Twitter: @ahonigfort

Instagram: @amandahonigfort

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